Prevention housewife hand

The official name of “Housewife’s Hand” is contact dermatitis, which belongs to the category of eczema. It is mainly caused by frequent wet hands, frequent hand washing, long-term contact with soap, washing powder, detergent, disinfection water or chemicals, etc., which can damage the skin The protective film caused the loss of water, and the skin became very dry. With the detergent and detergent chemicals in the soap, the housewife’s hands were killed at any time.

Due to the loss of skin protection, the skin’s resistance to external irritants weakens, and the skin on the hands becomes very sensitive, which can trigger housewife hands. In addition, if you are frequently exposed to harmful chemicals or other sensitizers, there is also the opportunity to develop into housewife hands.

Common characteristics of housewife hands

Extremely dry skin
Rough skin surface
Itching and tingling
Even peeling and cracking

How to prevent housewife hands:

  1. Avoid using excessively alkaline soap to wash your hands, use mild soap or soap-free mild hand sanitizer
  2. The water temperature should not be too high, it is recommended to cool or warm slightly
  3. Do not add fragrance to cleaning products
  4. After washing your hands, pat them dry with a dry cloth, taking care to dry between your fingers
  5. Use a moisturizing product immediately after washing your hands (generally oily lotions or ointments are recommended)
  6. Avoid excessive hand washing
  7. If your hands are not noticeably soiled, use alcohol to dry clean your hands instead of washing your hands with soap and water to reduce irritation. (But not suitable for those who are allergic to alcohol or prone to irritation)

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