Sea life

Commercially available petrochemical cleaner

raw material Pure natural botanical, mineral source cleansing ingredients Petrochemical cleaning ingredients
Methanol (toxic) no Most have
Fluorescent agent (toxic) no Widely used
Phosphorus, benzene no Most have
Sterilization Strong weak
Environmental pollution Water quality reduction, purification of rivers, improvement of acidified soil, activation of soil Cause heavy metal pollution in the soil and river maintenance and environmental protection hazards
Body residue Does not hurt the human body, hand formula Easy to cause skin and disease, such as rich hands, dermatitis
Solubility High solubility Not easy to dissolve, easy to turbid, easy to residue, not easy to rinse
Dirt cleaning power Excellent Strongly washed, easy to damage clothing
Use function All-round multi-function Single function, product features cannot replace each other
Attachment Do not hurt the human body Residue, irritation, health concerns
Energy use Less foam, easy to wash, save electricity, save time, save manpower Not easy to rinse, requires a lot of flushing, electricity, and time consuming
Economic benefit Comprehensive use only half the cost of general detergent Many types and high costs
Quality Assurance SGS test, no fluorescent agent, formaldehyde, petrochemical interface active agent, biodegradability up to 95%
  • Sea life environmental protection multi-functional lotion extracts high-grade soda ash from seawater, with natural disinfection, deodorization, sterilization, cleaning, anti-corrosion and purification
  • Natural alkaline substances can be used to expel mosquitoes and other pests, so that surrounding insects can not get close
  • The series products are safe and healthy without the addition of preservatives and stabilizers.
  • Natural extraction:
    – bleaching function
    – eliminates odor
  • Natural top:
    – Plant active ingredients
    – mild and does not hurt the skin
  • Natural minerals:
    – Natural elements of trona
    – clean and bacteriostatic wash
  • Health – natural quality, protect family health from the damage of human cells and genetics by petrochemical detergents
  • Environmental protection – high resolution quality, allowing each user to implement environmental protection from each household, to prevent petrochemical pollution from flowing into the river from their own drainage pipes, polluting the earth
  • Save energy – save water, save electricity, save time, save manpower, avoid the manufacture of plastic waste in bottles, cans and cans
  • Easy to use – versatile, all-round effect, efficient cleaning function, making cleaning work a pleasure
  • Home environment – let each family have an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, healthy and clean home environment