Laundry usage Usage 1: Add 20-30 grams of sea life laundry detergent in the bucket, add appropriate amount of water (can cover the clothes), mix well and add clothes for about 30 minutes to an hour, then pour into the washing machine for cleaning.
Usage 2: Put the appropriate water level in the washing machine, add the sea life powder, turn the motor to dissolve, then put it into the clothes for about 30 minutes to an hour, then start the motor to start the laundry.
effect Strong decontamination, less foam, and good flushing can save money, save water, save effort, and save electricity.
Cleaning the floor usage When washing the floor, 5-10 grams of sea life powder can be added to a bucket of water. After mopping the floor, you don’t need to rinse it, yet, it will make the floor tiles clean and bright.
effect The special component of sea alkali is disinfected and deodorized, so that the surrounding insects, ants and cockroaches are not close.
Glass products
(glasses, doors and windows, table tops, automotive glass, etc.)
usage Dissolve about 5 grams of sea life powder into water and spray directly with a spray bottle. After wiping, it will become clean and bright.
effect It can make the glass especially bright and has an anti-fog effect for the interior of the glass windows.
car wash usage Add 10 grams of sea life powder to the bucket, wipe the body or add it to the spray bucket, spray the body and rinse with water.
effect It neither hurts the body paint surface not requires additional waxing in order to make the body of the car bright and new.
Jewelry, watches
(gold, silver and bronze…etc.)
usage Dissolve 2 grams of sea life powder in 300c.c. warm water, then soak the watch, jewelry, glasses, etc. in the solution for five to ten minutes, then rinse off.
effect It can decompose the dirt that is difficult to clean in the jewellery and bracelet chain gaps, has the effect of removing rust, and is not easy to rust after cleaning.
Dry cleaning
(carpet, cloth shoes, leather shoes, car interior fleece, wall dirt)
usage 10 grams of sea life powder can be dissolved in 500c.c. water to make a liquid detergent, and then sprayed in the area to be cleaned, stubborn dirt, please brush directly with the sea life powder.
effect Car carpet’s stubborn stains can be easily removed with Sea-Well products.
Home environment maintenance effect The family kitchen waste enters the sewage during the process of cleaning the dishes. It accumulates many stagnant and acidifies the drainage system. The sea life product series contain purifying sea alkaloids which have strong penetrating cleansing power. This waste water can clean polluted sewage and soil such as phosphorus resulted from petrochemical detergent products.
Gardening use effect
  • It contains naturally rich minerals and sea-alkali ingredients. After being diluted by hydrolysis, spray it on the foliage to clean, get rid of bacteria, deter insects from breeding and promote plant growth.
  • It has antiseptic effects and prolongs plants from wilting. After the hot rain, the plants’ roots, stems and leaves are extremely vulnerable and easily perishable. They may decay at a faster rate. Therefore, spray the crops with 1:300 times of aqueous solution.

Note: Be sure to follow the principle of maximum dilution.